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QILI Electronics Co., ltd  is a high end power supply solution provider, 
Our products cover the following series: Switching power supply .led
diver ,AC/DC converter.  Din rail power supply, miniature power supply,
rainproof power supply, LED driver and waterproof LED driver,They are
widely use in LED lighting, CCTV, medical equipment, communication,
monitors, and office automation fields.We has been provided realiable 
power supply solutions for global customers from led lighting industry.


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1.5KW 3A best factory price BV CE passed BYPASS built-in 2HP pump motor soft starter 3 phase 220V/400V/500V

1.5KW 3A best factory pri...

11KW 22A best factory price BV CE passed BYPASS built-in 15HP pump motor soft starter 3 phase 220V/400V/500V

11KW 22A best factory pri...

37KW 75A best factory price BV CE passed BYPASS built-in 50HP pump motor soft starter 3 phase 220V/400V/500V

37KW 75A best factory pri...

QL-110807PT Junction Box with Mounting Plate and Clear Cover

QL-110807PT Junction Box ...

QL-201510AG Junction Box With Mounting Plate

QL-201510AG Junction Box ...

QL-382813AG Junction Box With Mounting Plate

QL-382813AG Junction Box ...

PG9 Black

PG9 Black

PG13.5 Black

PG13.5 Black

PG16 Black

PG16 Black

HPV-60-12 12V 5A 60W        PFC LED DRIVER IP67

HPV-60-12 12V 5A 60W ...

HPV-150-12 12V 12.5A 150W        PFC LED DRIVER IP67

HPV-150-12 12V 12.5A 150W...

HPV-240-12 12V 20A 240W        PFC LED DRIVER IP67

HPV-240-12 12V 20A 240W ...

US-60-12 12V 5A 60W               ULTRA SLIM  POWER SUPPLY

US-60-12 12V 5A 60W ...

US-150-12 12V 12.5A 150W       ULTRA SLIM  POWER SUPPLY

US-150-12 12V 12.5A 150W ...

US-200-12 12V 16.5A 200W                ULTRA SLIM  POWER SUPPLY

US-200-12 12V 16.5A 200W ...

WP-20-12 12V 1.7A  20W                         LED DRIVER IP67

WP-20-12 12V 1.7A 20W ...

WP-60-12 12V 5A 60W         LED DRIVER IP67

WP-60-12 12V 5A 60W ...

WP-100-12 12V 8.5A 100W             LED DRIVER IP67

WP-100-12 12V 8.5A 100W ...

MS-150-12 12V 12.5A 150W     MINI POWER SUPPLY

MS-150-12 12V 12.5A 150W ...

MS-250-12 12V 20A 250W    MINI POWER SUPPLY

MS-250-12 12V 20A 250W ...

MS-350-12 12V 29A 350W       MINI POWER SUPPLY

MS-350-12 12V 29A 350W ...